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Substation Structures

SAE Towers manufactures a wide variety of outdoor electrical substation structures, including lattice, tubular and wide-flange steel support designs.

Based on your requirements, we can design and manufacture complete substation structures or specified sub-assemblies:

  • Terminal Structures
  • Transformer Supports
  • CCVT Supports
  • Insulator Pedestals
  • Multiple Dead End Towers
  • Disconnect Switch Supports
  • Circuit Switch Supports
  • Arrestor Stands

Fabrication of substation structure elements often utilizes complex full or partial penetration welding, processes we have successfully performed repeatedly through the years. We specialize in structures requiring pre-qualified welding. From in-service deflection limits to special grounding requirements, we also understand the critical needs of transmission line termination structures, designing and manufacturing to your unique specifications.

For new substation structure designs, we use the concepts of ASCE’s Substation Structure Design Guide (MOP 113) as well as ANSI’s Recommended Practices of Seismic Design of Substations (IEEE-693).

Substation Structures Brochure

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