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The ASCE 74 Pre-Standard Meeting!

SAE Towers to host the meeting in Houston, TX

On October 22 - 23, 2014, Dave Parrish of AEP, Group Lead of the Pre-Standard effort in ASCE 74, Frank Agnew of Southern Company, Chair of ASCE 74 along with other members of the group will convene in Houston, Texas to discuss and work on the Pre-Standard Appendix to the new edition on ASCE 74, Transmission Line Structural Loadings Manual of Practice. This subgroup of the main committee is focused on developing an Appendix that will be the industry's first look at what a loading standard might be, if one were to be developed in the future. The Manual of Practice is currently scheduled for publication with ASCE in 2015. Michael Miller, VP of Engineering and Miguel Mendieta, Engineering Manager at SAE Towers, serve on this committee and will be attending this meeting.

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